Method of selecting high-quality plush toys?
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Method of selecting high-quality plush toys?

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Plush toys refer to a type of toy made mainly of plush fabric and filled with various filling materials, also known as "soft toys" or "plush dolls". 

The plush toys on the market not only have realistic and cute shapes, but are also suitable for a wide range of people, whether it is children or young people, who can play. Choosing plush toys is a meticulous and meticulous matter. 

Children have sensitive skin, and many babies also like to chew on toys with their mouths. 

Therefore, the material safety requirements for plush toys are extremely high. 

Can you choose high-quality plush toys like this?

1、 Pay attention to the appearance and shape of plush toys to be childlike

For children, the appearance and shape of plush toys are also a major purchasing point. 

Most children are innocent and lively, and playful toys have a stronger appeal to them. 

plush toys are mostly cartoon animals and animated characters, and mothers can give priority to them.

2、 Pay attention to the excellent sewing process of plush toys

Plush toys are usually made by inserting filling materials and then stitching them together.

 Imagine that if the sewing process is poor or the fabric is damaged, the filling material inside can easily escape from the crack, reducing the quality of the toy. 

The bigger danger is that the baby may stuff cotton into their mouth, which can affect their health. 

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers carefully check whether all parts of the toy are fully sewn when choosing. 

If conditions permit, it is best to gently pick and pull the toy with your hand to prevent the baby from tearing it during play. 

The craftsmanship spirit of plush toys only provides you with a well crafted plush toy.

3、 Pay attention to the firmness of plush toy decorative objects

In order to make the image of plush toys more realistic, many plush toys will add decorative objects such as eyes and mouth. 

Although this can greatly enhance the realistic image of the toy, if the decorative objects are not firmly embedded, it is easy for the baby to buckle them down and throw them away or eat them, posing many safety hazards. 

So, when choosing, treasure mothers must carefully check the firmness of the decorative items. 

You can gently buckle them down with your fingers, and the decorative items of plush toys are firmly embedded without any looseness.

4、 Pay attention to the appropriate size of the toy

Toys that are too large or too small are not conducive to babies playing freely. 

The size of plush toys should be just enough to hold or hold. 

Because if the size is too large, it is easy to restrict the baby's physical movements, and if the size is too small, the baby is easy to stuff it into its mouth.

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