Mascot dolls have sparked a craze
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Mascot dolls have sparked a craze

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I still remember in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the five adorable mascot dolls once again brought many people to the profound cultural heritage of China. 

Since their official release, the five adorable mascots "Beibei", "Jingjing", "Huanhuan", "Yingying", and "Nini" have sparked a craze in the plush toy market. 

Many people either purchase them based on their auspicious meanings or because of their cute shapes, Or buy it as a gift to friends because it represents China, in short, it has earned enough popularity.

Nowadays, in addition to the release of mascots for each Olympic Games, other sports events such as the Winter Olympics, 

Youth Olympics, Paralympics, and many exhibitions, even companies, businesses, etc., are committed to mascot design,

 inviting professional and senior designers to design, striving to design a unique, innovative, and eye-catching mascot of their own, 

And then making them into finished products of various materials and placing them on the market is actually a form of publicity.

Yangzhou Fenni Toys Co.,Ltd. has recognized this market and increased its production in bulk. 

Of course, the variety produced is also diverse, including stickers, hands-on operations, decoration, and so on. 

But the most popular variety is still plush dolls. 

Due to the material, the dolls produced can be carried around and used for decoration, such as mobile phone pendants, bag pendants, or placed on desks, sofas at home, or bedside. 

Many young girls will definitely love these soft and cute trinkets.

We have many years of production experience and have been providing customers with the best products and services.




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