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How to ensure security

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1. Check the quality of plush toys: Ensure that the plush toys are manufactured by a trustworthy manufacturer and comply with relevant safety standards. Check for any gaps, damages, or small parts that can be swallowed on the toy.

2. Age appropriate use: Ensure to choose plush toys that are suitable for children's age and maturity level. Do not give toys with small parts to children who are too young to prevent the risk of suffocation.

3. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect plush toys, especially if they are frequently used or washed. Ensure that there is no damage or damage to prevent children from accidentally eating or getting injured.

4. Cleaning and maintenance: Clean plush toys according to the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance instructions. Some plush toys can be machine washed, while others require hand washing. Keep plush toys clean to prevent bacterial growth.

5. Avoid bringing plush toys to bed for sleep: Although many people like to bring plush toys to bed, it is not recommended for infants or young children as they may pose a risk of suffocation.

6. Prevent pet contact: If there are pets, be careful to ensure that they do not bite, scratch, or damage plush toys to avoid causing hygiene and safety issues.

7. Urge children to use them properly: If children are playing with plush toys, educate them to use them properly without excessive pulling or rough handling of the toys.

8. Do not place plush toys too high: to prevent children from getting injured when trying to climb and retrieve them.

In short, playing with plush toys is a pleasure, but caution is needed. Choosing high-quality toys and following safety guidelines for use and maintenance can ensure that you and your child can safely enjoy these lovely companions.

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