Customization process steps for plush toys
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Customization process steps for plush toys

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Plush dolls can also be called plush toys.

 In this era, the industry is generally customized, and customization has become the mainstream. 

How to customize toys must be a concern for these businesses. 

What is the customization process for plush toys? Let's take a look together.

1、 Provide samples

2、 Quotation

3、 Start sampling

4、 Production and shipment

The sample will be sent to you via express delivery (sample modification, specific modification details), 

and both parties will determine the final sample and sign a bulk production contract. 

The conventional product factory will start production after receiving a 30% deposit of the total payment, 

and the remaining payment will be paid one working day before delivery. 

The payment will be made upon delivery.

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