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The cute image and soft and comfortable feel of plush toys have always been loved by children.

But the problem is that plush toys have soft down that can easily absorb dust and become dirty after use, accompanied by stains and odors.

And these things, after all, will stick to the child's skin. If not cleaned regularly, the bacteria hidden in these toys may become a health hazard for the child.

Today,Fenni Toys share a few methods for cleaning plush toys.

Method 2: Using a washing machine

You can also use a washing machine to wash plush toys. Before cleaning, check first to determine if this toy is suitable for machine washing, as some structures are complex and delicate, which may be washed out.

How does the washing machine wash plush toys?

1. To avoid damaging plush toys, first remove the detachable parts of the toy and clean them separately, such as the toy coat and bow.

2. Place the toy in a laundry bag. If there is no laundry bag, use a pillowcase instead. The laundry bag or pillowcase should be large enough to allow the toy to have enough rolling space inside the laundry bag, so that it can be washed cleaner.

3. To avoid damaging the toys, choose a gentle washing mode and the dehydration mode with the lowest rotational speed.

4. Do not use a washing machine or dryer to dry plush toys. The hair of the toys is made of synthetic fibers, which may melt when dried at high temperatures. Try to air dry the toys in a well ventilated area.

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