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Cleaning tips

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The cute image and soft and comfortable feel of plush toys have always been loved by children.

But the problem is that plush toys have soft down that can easily absorb dust and become dirty after use, accompanied by stains and odors.

And these things, after all, will stick to the child's skin. If not cleaned regularly, the bacteria hidden in these toys may become a health hazard for the child.

Today,Fenni Toys share a few methods for cleaning plush toys.

Method 1: Gently clean

Sterilized toys

Some toys are delicate and cannot be cleaned by rubbing or other methods. Most children put them in their mouths while playing, and we need to disinfect them.

Most disinfectants are harmful to children, so the best way to disinfect children's toys is to boil them in water to prevent other cleaning methods from damaging the toys or leaving harmful substances for children.

Remove odors and dust

Sodium bicarbonate is tangsNaHCO3, which is placed in the air and has a deodorizing and dehumidifying effect. Usage: Place the toy in a plastic bag containing baking soda, followed by physical labor. Close the bag and continue shaking for half an hour to allow the baking soda to come into full contact with the plush toy. After half an hour, take out the plush toy and pat off the baking soda on top. The baking soda will adsorb the dust on the plush toy.

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